First from a series of three shorts films to promote the Dadpreneur Movement encouraging dads to launch their own  business as a flexible alternative to the nine-to-five.



Commissioned by Audi for broadcast on the BBC. Actor Philip Glenister, star of the BBC's Ashes to Ashes, helps promote the auction of his character's (DCI Gene Hunt) car, an Audi quattro, for Children in Need 2014.


A commission from Diabetes UK. Shot, co-produced and co-direction of live action sequences for a web short aimed at helping children with type 1 diabetes better understand their condition.


A commission from the New York Times Magazine to film director Janusz Kaminski as he worked with and directed Cate Blanchett to form the wider piece, a behind the scenes video of the making of "Making a Scene" (you find uploaded here). Checkout the full New York Times Magazine interactive here


Following fashion photographer Paul Smith as he visited six locations around central London in one night as part of Stylist Magazines self-set challenge to conceive and produce a 46 page editorial edition within a 24hr window Working as part of a small behind-the-scenes team, the commission by Stylist Magazine was to document and produce a short film of the entire event - it was a long night! 


A food fight created as an advertisment for Teflon clothes for school kids. Shot on the Canon C300, 5D MKII and a Phantom high-speed camera. This was a lot of fun to work on - see the timelapse here of the shoot in my blog entry from September 2012 to see just what kind of havoc these kids created! 


Commissioned for the launch of the new Arctic Front Advance Cardiac CryoAblation Catheter, manufactured by Medtronic, the world’s largest medical technology company. The company promotes medical therapies, which treat cardiac and vascular diseases, diabetes, and neurological and musculoskeletal conditions. See here for more



The second in a series of films about landscape and literature. Children's fiction prize-winner Jenny Valentine considers why the city of London has been the source and location for so much great children's literature.


The first of a series of films about landscape and literature. Anna Dreda of Wenlock Books and writers Katherine Swift, Paul Evans and William Cash reflect on the resonance of Shropshire's landscape in their lives and work.


Journalist and presenter Jonathan Glancey explores the new Turner Contemporary in Margate. Designed by the architect David Chipperfield, Turner Contemporary opened in April 2011. Inspired by JMW Turner and situated on Margate’s seafront on the same site where Turner stayed when visiting the town. The gallery is the largest exhibition space in the South East, outside of London.

Journalist and presenter Andrew Dickson delves behind the scenes of "The New World Order", a production by Brighton theatre company, Hydrocracker. A collage of 5 plays by Harold Pinter reassembled as a piece of site specific theatre in Brighton & Hove town hall, the audience move with the actors through the town hall throughout the play. From the lofty council debating chamber to the depths of the basement, (formerly site of the police cells of old Brighton police station, an intense and visceral theatre experience is played out by the company. 

Within the basement, torture scenes unfold. The victim an unknown hooded man, the audience, cheek by jowl with the actors are drawn intensely into the unfolding drama of the production.



Commissioned by de Le Cuona, a lifestyle brand specialising in luxury textiles and accessories for interiors. The video brief was to showcase their most recent collections and to show their customers a more in depth view of the brand.



Elctro-rock band the Fridge Magnets thrash it out, live, at the Nottinghill Arts Club in West London... 


Modelled on the famous junction adjoining Shibuya station in central Tokyo, the redesigned Oxford Circus opened on 2nd November 2009 after two years construction and to a cost of £5m.